Are online electrician courses worth it?

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Conclusion. Online electrician classes are a great way to fulfill your dream of becoming an electrician. By opting for online classes, you can continue working in your current job and can learn whenever and from wherever you want.Jun 25, 2019

Is HVAC better than electrician?

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All in all, both Electricians and HVAC Techs earn a solid living doing technical, hands-on work. When it comes to growth in the market, HVAC Techs are in the better position. In 2017, the growth rate for Electricians was 9%, just slightly above average (BLS). For HVAC Techs, the growth was an astonishing 15% (BLS).Feb 2, 2019

Which is harder plumbing or electrician?

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plumbing is the most skilled trade, the most difficult to learn and the most versatile. As the pay rates above indicate, plumbers make a little more per hour than electricians, but less per year.